Tips to Capture High Quality Images using 360 degrees camera


Use a rack

A rack may also be priceless once it involves shooting 360 pictures. Samsung's Gear 360 is available with a little one; however you'd be higher served leaping for a selfie stick or a folding rack like this one to use instead. The reason is that the 360 cameras operate by: capturing 2, 180degree footage and handicraft them along. Since the camera may be a sphere it'll basically edit itself out of the photograph, however if it's not high enough off the bottom that may additionally mean it skips a number of what's below still. That may look pretty wonky. Employing a rack will make sure you truly capture everything you would like. It may also be available super handy for this next part!

Pick the proper Height

My initial huge trip with my 360 camera I shot a dozen around videos keeping the camera beside Pine Tree State, that resulted in an exceedingly bunch of videos wherever my face takes up 1 / 4 of them. Not ideal. Once I patterned that issue out, I started swing the camera on a rack and moving away, however my rack was short, therefore I used to be taking footage from many feet off the bottom. It's not an enormous deal since its capturing 360 degrees.

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If you are taking the image in a ground, then the person staring at the image later goes to what they're sitting on the ground. It's awkward and sure not what you supposed. Instead, the most effective move is to induce the camera to an individual height (five to 6 feet within the air). This is particularly vital if you're taking an image or shooting a photograph you intend on viewing later with a 360 receiver. If you don't have a tall rack and square measure willing to sacrifice cool points for obtaining the right pic, strive sitting a little rack on prime of your head. The finished image can have the viewer basically replace you within the image.

Stay Still

While it would be luring to run around with a 360 camera, moving videos is just about an equivalent explanation as why you ought to use a rack. After you move around holding the camera, it's not possible (unless you're an expert with some variety of steady cam rig) to maneuver swimmingly. Which means your video goes to naturally move up and down to a small degree as you breathe and walk? That's no huge deal once you're shooting a traditional video, however after you shoot a 360, you're doing therefore with the concept that folks can need to appear around. Once your viewer is trying left and you're moving forward there's a solid likelihood you'll be walking off from what the person observance your video needs to appear at, and you'll most likely be creating him or her slightly offensive within the method. Shoot videos; however have shoot from a stationary position

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