Tutorial to connect Android device to adb over mobile carrier network - 3G / 4G


Opening ADB on an unsecured connection is a security threat as it gives access to entire filesystem. So, it is better if you connect to ADB over WIFI. If you still opt for connecting to ADB over 3G/4G network, below are the steps:

  1. To reset, turn off USB debugging on your device and turn it on again.

    usb debugging

  2. Kill the ADB server on your PC using command adb kill-server

    android debugging

  3. Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable and type adb devices. This will automatically restart the ABD server again.
  4. Enter adb tcpip 5555 on your PC terminal. This will switch the adbd daemon on your device to tcp-ip mode.

    abd tcpip 5555

  5. Disconnect your device from USB. Connect your device to the same wireless network as your PC, either the same WIFI or use your phone as a hotspot.
  6. Determine your phone's ip. You can do this in the WIFI settings on your phone. If you are using your phone as hotspot, then generally your ip should be
  7. Connect to ADB via tcp using adb connect .
This should hopefully connect your device to pc via tcp-ip.

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  • xen

    how can i do it if the phone is using mobile network

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