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Huawei Honor 6X Hangs

As the Smartphone gets older day by day its speed decreases as the Mobile Applications are getting heavy day by day. Such mobile applications require good Processor Speed and RAM to run the app smoothly. But there are some tricks you can follow to increase your Honor 6X smartphone speed. Here are some tricks to prevent your phone from lagging:

  1. Some Large Graphics Intensive Games and Applications such as PUBG, Youtube, FIFA, Facebook can open slowly. If that is the issue, nothing to worry. It is normal in all phones.
  2. If every app is opening slowly on your Honor 6X then you might need to restart your device, so that Application Services can run fresh.
  3. Try removing some of the Unused Applications from your device.
  4. You can perform a factory reset on the Honor 6X. Please Backup your Important data before performing factory reset.
  5. Lastly, You can reset your phone from Recovery Mode. Below are the steps to perform Factory Reset using Recovery Mode:
    1. Switch OFF your device by holding the power button for some time.
    2. Press (Power OFF + Volume Up) buttons together for sometime to enter into recovery mode
    3. Select Wipe Data/ Factory Data Reset option (You can scroll up and option in options via volume up and volume down buttons respectively and select an option via Power OFF button)
    4. Select yes to proceed further
Hope these above Steps, solves your Lagging Problem.

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