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Before I would give insights, hacks, Secrets and procedures of becoming a famous YouTuber, we need to understand this term "Youtube".

Youtube is an American video- sharing website and also makes it easy for user to watch online videos and videos online (hope you've understood what I mean here). The video sharing site was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who were former PayPal employees.

YouTube continues to be a famous video sharing website where registered users can upload and share videos with anyone able to access the site. It also continues to boom where everyone including motivational speakers, influencers, newsgroups, Media houses and individuals can share ideas, create art of every kind and of course communicate.

There are millions and millions of people on YouTube and this are called subscribers. Subscribers are people who come back to watch your videos repeated or share your video on other social media sites. They are the very cornerstone of how you become a famous Youtuber.

There are many channels on YouTube and most of them have few or less subscribers meaning they are infamous or rather have poor content in them but in this blog post, I am going to share the secrets and tips of becoming famous or rather a "famous" YouTuber.

Are you on YouTube? Or planning to join in order to share ideas, earn money (a lot of money I mean) or rather be famous. Below are the important key factors that will help in in becoming famous:

Create a Catchy Cover Image

To have a catchy welcome cover image is a greater to becoming famous on youtube. Create a cover image that will grab the attention of the user from the first glance in order to keep him/her locked. You can create the best graphics image cover free at Canva

Let people know more about you

This is another great secret to be popular on youtube. For people to know more about you, you must tell the world who you are, what type of content you are offering and how useful it will be to them and some other stuffs about you.

You can also provide your social media links so that many more people would connect with you and to you channel.

Include a Welcome Video

Welcome videos are a great way to communicate what your channel is all about and what they are about to see in the video. A welcome video should be short, precise and to the point and should have a maximum of 2 minutes. This is to make sure the user does not go to another video and stick there.

Categorize your Video contents

Keeping in mind that in future you will have as many videos as you would want, categorizing your videos helps in making it more accessible and neat. You can do this by creating different playlist in the youtube. Make sure you do not forget to grab the attention of the user and make them want to view the video ones again.

Away from this theory stuffs, there are also some great technology hack you could incorporate so that you can the name "famous".
Below are the tech hacks:
Youtube like other search engines like Google and yahoo or search has an algorithm that can rank videos on top of the others. You can employ the following steps in order to win:

  1. Use keywords in your videos
  2. Using keywords means using those short words and phrases people usually use in searching videos. Make sure you use keywords in the video filenames.
    For example, if you had recorded a video about becoming famous on youtube(lol), you can name it as "How_to_become_famous_on_youtube.mp4" something like this.

  3. Shoot longer videos.
  4. Youtube ranks videos of 5 minutes plus higher compared to short videos of less than 5 minutes.

  5. Create catchy titles
  6. Catch titles grabs the attention of people and make them stick you watch you video and subscribe to your channel. Example of such catchy titles include "How to become famous on youtube in 5 minutes".

  7. Write Descriptions to your video in the right way.
  8. Descriptions are the determinants to your videos being viewed and searched on youtube. You should make the description in the write way and remember to use keywords many times about 2-3 times.

  9. Tag your video.
  10. Tags help youtube rank your videos better and makes your video show up a related video.
    Tags are generally the variations of your keyword and some extra keywords people may use to find a related video.

To sum it up, encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel and invites friends through sharing in different social media sites so that you can gain more followers.


There are a lot more than these tips and secrets to becoming famous on YouTube, but these are not less than the mentioned. Maybe you can suggest many more methods of become one in the comment section below.

Nobody becomes famous on YouTube in one day or one night, it takes time, discipline, dedications, commitment and hardwork to make sure you follow the above tips to be able to emerge among the famous.

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