How to Make a Homemade Radio With Simple Instructions


In this article, we will be making our own Radio. Don't worry its very easy to make. Just follow our tutorial step by step.

>How to Make a Homemade Radio With Simple Instructions

Material Implements

  • Magnet wire: 
  • One set of alligator leads having clips at each end.
  • One diode: Find out IN34A diodes, known as “germanium diodes,” at  electronics shop or online shop.
  • One glue stick  — should be about one inch by one inch by six inches. Should be of wooden material. It should be round for easier winding.
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire stripping pliers
  • Telephone handset, must have a cord.
  • 1 board for mounting the home made radio — preferably 2*2 feet.


>How to Make a Homemade Radio With Simple Instructions

Step 1:

You’ll wind the twenty six-gauge wire on the glue stick up to the point it’ll cover the whole cylindrical figure . Make sure the wire is tight. On every end, the wire should have an allowance of six inches. After that, seal on all ends to ensure that the wire holds. At this point, mount the cylindrical coil onto the board using electrical tape.

Step 2: Make several roots of wire extensions on each side of the cylinder. Use pliers to do this. Since the wire is very thin, removing the enamel and making one inch extensions should be easy.

>How to Make a Homemade Radio With Simple Instructions

Step 3: From the right side of your coil, attach the wire to one of the ends of the diode and seal the end.

Step 4: With the phone cord, make wire extensions of 2 inches. Take one of the ends and attach to the free end of the diode.

Step 5: From the green wire emerging at the left side of the coil, join the second phone cord wire. Clip one of the alligator leads to the wire before sealing the end. Seal the 3 wires together — alligator lead (the ground wire), phone cord wire, and the one emerging from the left side of the cylindrical coil.

>How to Make a Homemade Radio With Simple Instructions

Step 6: Create your antenna using one of the clips. Clip the remaining wires alligator lead to the one end of the twenty two-gauge magnet wire. Let the wire remain on its roll.

Step 7: Remove a thin skin of the wire wrapped along the glue stick. Use a sandpaper to do this.

Test to Verify if The System Works

Connect the phone cord to its gadget.

Look for a good ground for the alligator wire which is connected towards left side of the coil.

Open the antenna wire and hang it up on a high object.

Tap the alligator clip which leads to the antenna wire towards the top of the coil. This should give you AM Radio signal.

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