You’ll wonder why we’re turning out things different. In this procedural set up there’s very little images. The reason being it’s simple to assemble and construct the structure. Just as easy it’s to ingest food in the mouth.

We’re going to use very simple and readily available material components. Follow the procedure systematically to get every step right.

Step 1: Have The Components

This include; faulty sound mixing table, Sliders pots, and toggles. Salvage all the components.

Step 2: Make the Proto Board

This is a small test board having the arduino-pro micro, also comprising a slider and a toggle. The significance of doing this is to ensure all the components work before commencing any other procedure. If all the components work, layout each one of them in a way you’ll like to play your game. You can choose any style.

Step 3: Design the Case in C-A-D

Double check your measurements by mechanically laying out components onto a scale drawing. In this manner, it will be easy to down the scale or up if it seems to be the wrong shape or size. Also, if you realize some components are so close to one another, you’ll be now able to correct. It’s just like the masonry task, you always monitor the measurements.

Step 4: Solder and Test

Print the thin part of the top plate in a plot to save print time and place all the components in the enclosure. Leave the bottom open to make it easier for parts assembly, system wiring, as well as soldering capability.

If each components are correctly assembled and linked, hook it up to a computer and write the arduino code. This is the code which will enable you work swiftly on the computer as you play paragliding game. Here’s is the URL for the code.

Arduino Pro Micro code -

Step 5: Final Assembly

After all this procedure, if the circuit is alright and well placed to function without anomalies, proceed to print the actual structure.

Here’s the URL for 3D Printing files (STLs) - Perform a faster trick to windup the black underneath with blue. It’s the standard color for identification. You can leave other components black but let the underneath layers be blue.

Now everything done as simple as you can see. You can use your controller for paragliding games.

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