Drivetrain error messages on BMW M5/M6


There is a latest issue with BMW M5/M6 cars that which is called Drivetrain error message. Sometimes even at the gentle acceleration, the car shows Drivetrain error message. BMWs are very popular for their high-performance standards, durability and longevity, and upholding such cars takes lot of maintenance , efforts, energy and yes of course money.

Drivetrain error message on BMW M5/M6 solution

Common Problems:

  1. The synchronizers can wear out causing hard shifting and grinding.
  2. Automatic transmissions can also wear out, causing slipping and uneven shifting patterns.
  3. Universal joints can wear out and cause vibrations while driving.

Preventive Maintenance:

  1. Always change the fluid at regular interval of time. Most car manual or garage mechanics can give you all the information about the change of fluid.
  2. While driving always release the clutch in a smooth motion without putting a strain on the engine. Reviving the engine too much while pulling out too much can cause wear and tear of the clutch.
  3. You should use transmission cooler if your car doesn�t have it because many times temperature can reach boiling point. Mostly new vehicles are already equipped with an automatic transmission cooler.
  4. Make sure that your universal joint is well lubricated at the oil changes. Also, try to find the lubricating joints while replacing the original one.
  5. If you have a front wheel drive car then avoid applying the gas on the floor while the wheels are turned at full lock. This puts stress on the universal joints and can cause premature failure.
  6. BMW is exceptionally well engineered machine design therefore it is very important to take care of it while replacement. The replacement should be seamless.

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