Dockers- an open source tool


Dockers is a tool specially designed to run applications by using Containers. Containers allow a developer to package of necessary things like libraries and dependencies. Because of the container, the developer can run the application on another Linux machine regardless of any customized setting. Dockers is like a virtual machine. But unlike other systems, there is no need to create the whole virtual operating system. Dockers allow the developer to use the same Linux kernel for running applications. Only customized applications which are not installed in the system are required to be installed. This improves the performance and reduces the size of application drastically. The most important thing about Dockers is open source.

Dockers is beneficial for both the system administrator and developers. This can enable the programmer to write the code without worrying about the system compatibility. Also, there are many programs already installed in the Dockers. So, it is very useful for a developer. Dockers give flexibility to the programmer and reduces the number of the systems needed.


Helpful Dockers Tools For Developers

1. Kubernetes

This Dockers tool is developed by Google. Firstly Google developed this tool to manage their own LXC containers. Kubernetes is a great tool for implementing the Dockers applications. It is best for container deployment also provides the way for the container to communicate with each other.

2. Dockersh

This Dockersh tool is developed by Yelp. Dockersh provide a Dockers container to each individual. It behaves like a virtual machine. Users can make changes to their own directories only. Dockersh have used production for depicting the developer ecosystem.

3. Prometheus

This open source Dokers monitoring tool is developed by Soundcloud�s. It has a microservices architecture which enables the interrelated process to be divided into the more logical domain. But the system can get a bottleneck because of hundreds of microservices.

4. Longspout

A longspout is a great tool for managing logs which are generated by the program running in the container of the Dockers. You can route the container-app to a single location like JSON object or endpoint in HTTP. Currently, Long spout is only dealing with stdout and stderr but more versions are expected in near future.

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