Different Passport Application Status


When you track your Passport Application Status Online in India, you may come across various status online.

So what does each Status mean?

Let us see what each status means:

  • Application Submitted:   This status means that you have filled up the form and paid passport fees and now you need to select an appointment date to visit nearest PSK(Passport Seva Kendra).

  • Police verification initiated, Pending for Physical verification at your local thana:  Your file has been submitted to local police station for verification. Any officer would come to your house for verification anytime within 2 weeks and you need to be physically present at your address at that time. You would also need to submit all the required documents asked by the police officer.

  • Local thana has submitted the verification report to SP office. it is under review at SP office:  After police verification process is completed by your local police station, they will pass your file to the district police station with some remark i.e (clear/not clear) and further processing would be done at your district?s head police station.

  • Police has submitted clear report for your current address:  This status means that your address and documents are all okay and your verification report is clear. You should get the passport within 1 weeks after receiving this status.

  • Police Verification Report is not clear and application is under review at Regional Passport Office:  This status means that there was some issue during police verification. Reason for not clear report can be anything either you were not present at the address when police verification was done or you might have given a wrong address or your documents had some problem. The reason could be anything so get the issue resolved by scheduling an enquiry appointment at PSK.

  • Police has sent adverse report:   There is some issue that the police official has found in your application, either you were not present at home or your address doesn't match with the address provided in the application or any other issue. What you can do in such situation is contact the police officer who conducted the police verification process if possible or make a enquiry request on the official website.

  • Passport printing Initated:  Process of printing your passport is started and you will receive your passport within 3 days.

  • Passport dispatched:  This status says that your passport is dispatched and you will receive it in 1-2 day via speed post. You would also be given a tracking I?d which you could use to track your passport's location.


The Complete process may take around 1 month or at maximum 2 month, but if your Application is stuck at the same status for a long time, kindly get in touch with PSK and get your issue resolved.


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