DIY - Electronic Catapult for Delivery of Pet Food


Arduino U-no R 3 

2 x 180 degree servos
One x continuous rotation servo
Automatic switch
10 k ohm resistor
Four x AA batteries and case
One * Six volt lantern battery.

Two * switches – All switches workable.  
Connecting wires

Bread board - Purposed for testing
Step 2: Structure
Electronic Catapult for Delivery of Pet Food
Electronic Catapult for Delivery of Pet Food
Electronic Catapult for Delivery of Pet Food

You’re free to choose any kind of structure you want. It can be of any solid structure. You’re free to choose the size.

If possible, use readily available material. In this case one of readily available material we’re going to use is aluminum. Take note; the main structure is out of twenty-five millimeters sq. aluminum tubing, plastic connectors also inclusive.

Make the motor brackets 25 millimeters wide * 3 millimeters aluminum metals.

Make the food delivery holder 40 Millimeters Polyvinyl chloride pipe using equipment from the local hardware shop. Ensure that the actual arm is 2 smaller 450 connectors, linked together, also firmed by superheated glue into larger pipe. The bigger polyvinyl chloride tube should have another 45 0 connector so that it can be easier to put in pet food.

Food delivery alternative arm should be designed to ensure easy uniform circular motion - so that it can be easier to operate on the servo. Make a few brackets, make some metal rod cuttings, and use "knead it" product to connect the rods towards the brackets as well as the bearings.

The catapult-arm should be a tennis ball thrower which from a cheap shop costs around USD 2.

Use catapulting power from an old spring which you may find in a local workshop. You need to balance the servo strength together with spring strength to increase effectiveness of the catapult.

The electronic structure is much solid with a lot of strength, at the same time quite light. Only lantern battery is the much heavier part, but always replaced by AA rechargeable batteries which are lighter.

Step 3: Testing

As you can see the structure is ready, only to confirm it works.

You’ll use pellet food only, not any other food for testing.

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