Best Place To Find Guns After Spawning In PUBG


Best Place To Find Guns After Spawning In PUGB

PUBG is the latest successful battle game currently available on mobile. Its numerous maps and heavy gun play are evocative of a military scene, new players face discovering their encounter.

In PUBG you are placed on a plane with other players and flown over a map comprising towns, military areas, and farms. You opt for where along the flight path to land. Upon landing, loot as much as possible and make it to the designated safe zones till you become the last survivor like other players.

In-depth knowledge of the map, trading tools, and PUBG tips and pranks will help you edge your way to the top spot.

The below are the best place you will find guns after spawning in PUBG:

    PUBG Find Guns After Spawning

    Sosnovka Base has quite several military weapons, and armors with risk tied to rewards, if you are looking for some fast moves to kick-start the match; It is the deathliest drop spot on the map. Except, otherwise, you are lucky to land within the Base itself; you have to cross either bridge to get to the mainland.
    The Base is a good place to find a sniper rifle of your choice, armors, and automatic weapons. There are vehicles about the base and the bridges that will help your escape easy having loaded up with gear.

    A small town, which comprises a school and blocks of apartments. Rozhok may be sticky due to its popularity and location at the center as a killing spot.
    The small town possesses weapons like pistols, shotguns, and rifles. It is a safe place due to the high numbers of buildings and hideouts. The school is also a good place to find rare PUBG guns, but dangerous due to entry points.

    The Bunker is located between west of Lipovka and the south of Yasnaya Polyana. It is a military bunker with weapons and armor. A perfect place to kill a single player or a whole squad, with a better chance of finding a range, a sniper, and plenty of assault rifles. The bunker is a hot spot for scavengers and is on a first-come-first-served gear spot.
  • PUBG Find Guns After Spawning

    Southwest of Severny where you can find a firing range as desired. It hosts several military weapons including snipers and rifles. You are not alone, so loot faster and watch your back. It's a great spot for a tense shootout. Tip for freebies: if you get lucky and find the firing range undisturbed, fire at targets to get an idea of how bullet drop works in Battlefields.

    You will find everything you need in this town like Sosnovka Military Base, but be ready to battle for its intense firefights. It may not be the ideal spot to advance to other stages of the match due to the number of vantage points to enable you to get sniped from, but a humble shotgun is all you need to enter the battle with confidence, making it one of the most fun spots to drop into.

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