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Apple has a knack of coming up with better smartphones with improved features and performances because of innovation. iPhone 8 is one among the most coveted phones by Apple. It not only provides an elite status validation but it also provides a seamless experience of keeping a tab on the day-to-day activities just by using a phone.

iPhone 8 - Common Issues, Tips, and Tricks

Despite its best features, Apple iPhone 8 has some issues which users have been complaining about and here, we are providing the tips and tricks to address those issues.

  1. WiFi connection keeps getting disconnected:
  2. This is one of the common issues that iPhone 8 users have been complaining about. This can be resolved by following those steps:
    • One of the solutions is to restart the iPhone and the Wifi router.
    • An alternative method is to go to Settings, then to go to General, then Reset and then tap on Reset Network Settings.
    • Another method is to go to Settings, then General and then tap on Software Update.
    • In addition to that, confirm if there is an update for the router as well.

  1. Not able to connect to LTE and being stuck with 3G:
  2. This problem can be resolved by:
    • Toggling the airplane mode of the iPhone.
    • Restarting the iPhone.
    • If that doesn’t help, go to Settings, then tap on General and tap on About to check if there are any carrier settings available.
    • Alternatively, you can turn off the iPhone, remove SIM card and then insert the SIM card again.

  1. Refreshing App Store unnecessarily:
  2. After loading the App Store, sometimes it gets refreshed in every few seconds. This issue can be irritating and here are a few tricks to resolve it:
    • Simply restarting the iPhone is known to resolve this issue.
    • However, if it is still persistent, you can go to the Settings in the App Store, the tap on iTunes and App Store, tap on Apple ID and tap Sign Out. Then try again by Signing In by entering your details.

Apple iPhone is one of the best phones available in the market right now, and it targets high-end consumers. But these issues are somehow persistent in the iPhone model and these tips can help in making the iPhone experience a more entertaining one.

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