Write a C++ program to Make Simple Calculator in Console


Below is a simple Calculator program written in C++ which performs operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Swapping.

Simple Calculator program in C++


  1. The first value as an operator should be a char type and one of (+, -, *, /, s) characters which has the following meanings:
    • '+' for addition (num1 + num2)
    • '-' for subtraction (num1 - num2)
    • '*' for multiplication (num1 * num2)
    • '/' for division (num1 / num2)
    • 's' for swap
  2. Program receives another two operands (Num1, Num2) which can be a float or an integer
  3. The program calculates the appropriate result as per the operation specified and prints the relevant results with related message on console
  4. Swap operator just exchanges the content of two variables

Calculator Program

#include<iostream> #include<cmath> using namespace std; int main() { //-------defining variables and initializing them------------- double num1,num2; char operation,redo; cout<<"Simple Calculator"<<endl; cout<<"***************************************************************"<<endl; cout<<endl<<endl<<endl; //--here do while loop is used so that the program can be used more then one time //without exiting the program--------------------------- do { //----fetching the variables from input-------------- cout<<" Please enter an operation which you like to calculate (+,-,*,/,s)"; cout<<"[s stands for swap]:"; cin>>operation ; cout<<endl<<endl; cout<<" Please enter two numbers to apply your requested operation("; cout<<operation<<"):"<<endl<<"1st num:"; cin>>num1; cout<<"2nd num:" ; cin>>num2; cout<<endl; //---used switch function so thet the operater can be decided------------ switch (operation) { //------calculating the requested equation for inputs------------- //-------at the same time printing the results on screen----------- case'+': cout<<"The addition of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):"; cout<<num1+num2<<endl; break; case'-': cout<<"The substraction of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):"; cout<<num1-num2<<endl; break; case'*': cout<<"The multiplication of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):"; cout<<num1*num2<<endl; break; case'/': cout<<"The division of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):"; if(num2==0) { cout<<"not valid"<<endl; } cout<<(num1/num2)<<endl; break; case's': cout<<"The swap of two numbers ("<<num1<<","<<num2<<"):"; swap(num1,num2); cout<<"1stnumber="<<num1<<"and 2nd number="<<num2<<endl<<endl; break; default: cout<<"unknown command"<<endl; } //----now once again the program will ask the user if want to continue or not cout<<"enter y or Y to continue:"; cin>>redo; cout<<endl<<endl; } while(redo=='y'||redo=='Y'); system("pause"); return 0; }

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