Python program for Insertion Sort Algorithm

In this article, we have written a simple Insertion Sort algorithm in Python.

Insertion Sort Algorithm in Python

Problem Statements:

Write an Insertion Sort program in Python.


Program for Insertion Sort Algorithm in Python.


def insertionsort(alist): for each in range(1,len(alist)): current_value = alist[each] position = each while position > 0 and alist[position-1] > current_value: alist[position] = alist[position-1] position = position - 1 alist[position] = current_value return alist if __name__ == '__main__': num = int(raw_input("Enter total numbers which you are going to entered ")) nlist = [] while num > 0: no = raw_input("Enter the number") nlist.append(no) num = num - 1 result = insertionsort(nlist) print result


Enter total numbers which you are going to entered 5 Enter the number8 Enter the number5 Enter the number1 Enter the number3 Enter the number7 ['1', '3', '5', '7', '8']
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