How To Win Ludo King Game Every Time


Ludo king is a very popular android game, it is quite an unpredictable game and very difficult to hack. But there are some tricks with those tricks you can always get a higher number of dice like 4, 5 or 6. The game has two parts safe zone and unsafe zone.

Features Of Ludo King game

  • Very clean and user-friendly user interface
  • Different Game Modes :
  • Chat
  • Leaderboard
  • Player statistics
  • Game Profile/Career Build
  • Get Money
  • Gameplay
  • Color Choices
  • It supports all devices i.e. desktop, android & ios devices.

Ludo King

Ludo King is more of a strategy game as compare to luck. There is no such a cheats code to increase your coins but there are some tricks to get a number of six. Here are some tricks of ludo king game if you strategize your game properly then you can win almost every game.

  1. Take enough time to think and take the best move possible. Always follow this strategy think, rethink and play. Practice makes man perfect more you will play more you will come to know about other possibilities.

  2. Open all your pieces, as soon as you get the chance.

  3. Do not keep running only single piece, invest your numbers on all the pieces.

  4. Always try to remember the number which can lead you to the best place and the number which will let you kill the opponent.

  5. Kill the opponents as much as possible. This may increase the chance of your winning.

  6. Keep the piece in a safe place and move it with bigger numbers this will prevent you from getting killed. Invest smaller numbers on pieces which are already safe or at the beginning to run out of the house.

  7. If you are in dilemma between victory and killing the opponent, you must go for victory. Kill the opponent if the number is too small that is one or two so that you can get a chance to play again.

  8. If you have a number that is of no use for any of your pieces, then move the piece that is nearest to the starting point.

  9. If your defeat is inevitable just turn mobile data off and your all coins will be restored. This is how you won't lose any coins.

  10. The more you will move your pieces logically, you can prevent your pieces from getting killed by an opponent.

These tricks can surely enhance your gaming experience and this can increase the chances of winning drastically.



7 comment
  • Mahadeb barman

    Every time I want win ludo

  • Ankur

    how to move ludo user

  • Ava Davis

    I love your strategies and guess what,I won 3 times in a row . Thank you so much for your help.Kind regards Ava Davis

  • Gururraj.vb


  • derrie

    Is there any other way to win ludogame? Please help

  • aamish

    thanks so much now im always winning

  • Mitchelle Sarkar

    Hi...can u tell me how they calculate the scores...i had 23330 amount n i played a game of 5000 i won 9500 but my amount only showed shud ideally be 32830 ...any idea???


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