How To Get Extra Moves In Candy Crush Saga


Get Extra Moves In Candy Crush Saga

Extra Moves is a booster in Candy Crush Saga that adds more moves to a level. The booster can only be obtained using gold. The Extra Moves booster adds 5 extra runs in the game upon activation when a level is played and is unlocked after level 8.

On the internet version, the booster is usually activated per game, while each use will cost gold. On the other hand, the mobile booster can only be purchased as a relief when failing a level. Failing the same play for a couple of times, enable you to purchase the booster with an extra booster, but becomes more expensive every time you make a purchase. The seventh failure, allows you to purchase a +15 moves booster, while the subsequent failure can provide the opportunity to buy the +50 moves booster. You can buy 45 extra moves before dropping to the 50-move booster, once you make a purchase, you get a total of 95 extra moves!

Mobile v1.73, makes it easy getting +5 or +15 moves from "win moves the wheel" upon a player reaching the fail level. The +3 Extra Moves booster is a lighter variant of the bought Extra Moves booster. You get 3 extra moves to the level when activated. It becomes activated before playing level (like coconut wheel, extra time, etc.).

In contrast to regular variation, you can get a gift from a friend when stayed at a level for minimum 2 days. You don't need gold to buy this booster, and cannot be obtained through other means. This booster may have a pink ribbon, in order to activate the level, you can use for the booster.

The only booster not bought and without gold is the +3 Extra Moves booster. The game recommends you to get a +5 Extra Moves booster upon your first time reaching Level 8. The gold value in this stage is nil (except you have purchased gold before). These boosters are the ones you can't get from the daily booster wheel. You can only obtain the +5 booster can through gold. You don't enjoy a discount during a promotion with this booster, likewise the moonstruck booster.

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